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What can I say?

Posted Wed, Mar 4th, 2015 News

Since I have been at St. John's I have encountered so many people. They come into your life, and then one day they are gone.

I was in Washington, DC visiting this past weekend. Sunday was sunny and warm. We were walking down a very busy street and suddenly I hear someone calling my name. I turn around and this guy throws his arms around me and gives me a big hug! I recognized him immediately. It was Gregory, a man who ate on our line for a few years. He told me his family from Atlanta, North Carolina, and Washington came to St. John's and found him there. They took him home. Gregory told me he is clean and sober, working, and has his own place. He told me he would never forget me or St. John's, that he loved the food, and always felt welcomed. Gregory told  me if not for St. John's he would not have made it. I cried. What can I say?

Without you, Gregory might not have been found.  Thank you on behalf of Gregory, and all whom we serve.


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