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From the desk of Fr. Neil...

Posted Mon, Mar 23rd, 2015 News

Dear friends,

A gentle giant named Howard has lived on St. John's property for almost 25 years, sleeping behind bushes, under tables, on the pavement.  Howard kept a silent watch on the world around him.  Numerous effots to get him proper mental, social and medical care were always frustrated by Howard's return to the only home he wanted... St. John's.  Now age and advancing illness have forced Howard to surrender to our efforts to find a nursing facility where he would have a real bed and loving care.

I am reminded of God's care for us in Isaiah's words (46:4), "Even when your hair is gray I will bear you; It is I who have have done this.  I will carry you to safety."

You too have helped carry Howard.

Happy Easter!

 Fr. Neil


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