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Good Deeds at St. John's

Posted Wed, Nov 17th, 2010 By Lucy Santos of Newark Historic Places Examiner News

St. John’s Catholic Church, located at 22 Mulberry Street in Newark, founded in 1826, the first Roman Catholic Parish in the state of New Jersey, is a house of worship where many good deeds take place. Miss Barbara Maran, who is the Director of “St. John’s Feed The Hungry”, a soup kitchen, feels great fulfillment in her work that enables her to help others.

Before working at St. John’s, Miss Maran volunteered at St. Aloysius, her parish, in Caldwell. One day Vincent Smith asked her if she would like to help out at St. John’s in Newark. In 1992, she decided to volunteer at St. John’s and has been working at the soup kitchen for ten years. In February of 2001, she became a paid worker, and she currently works as the director of the soup kitchen.

“Since 1975, there was a soup kitchen at St. John’s,” Miss Maran said. “We started out just serving a cup of coffee and a sandwich, but now we have evolved to serving two meals.

“The soup kitchen is open from Tuesday to Saturday. Breakfast is served from 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM. Lunch is served from 12PM to 1:00 PM,” Miss Maran said. “We feed five hundred to seven hundred people.”

In 2007, Sister Alma started a medical facility and expanded the charitable services at St, John’s. “We also have a small medical clinic that includes a volunteer emergency room doctor, a registered nurse, and a podiatrist,” Miss Maran said. “We give out toiletries to the needy.”
With Thanksgiving just around the corner, at St. John’s the true spirit of the holiday will be alive, for the less fortunate will be able to have a fine holiday dinner in good spirits.

“Our traditional Thanksgiving dinner is held the day before Thanksgiving beginning before 12 noon,” Miss Maran said. “We receive about 30 to 40 cooked turkeys from the Hilton Hotel in Newark Penn Station. Shoprite of West Caldwell is also very generous for donating bread, donuts, turkeys, and canned goods.”

During her entire life, Miss Maran has always felt the call to help others in her heart. “I am always thankful for everything that I have,” Miss Maran said. “I always want to give something back to whoever needs help.”

St. John’s Feed The Hungry is a charity that feeds the hungry all year long. Your help is appreciated for this good cause. For more information log on to


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