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Behind the Scenes and On the Line

Posted Thu, Jan 24th, 2013 News

slice and dice

  Just wanted to share about this morning at St. John's to give you a glimpse at our morning, which you can help support... First, as with any production, there's the behind the scenes action.  This is where the "magic" happens, and by magic I mean chopping of vegetables, stirring of soup, clean up, etc; slicing and dicing essentially.  I'm sure this is what you expected but I'd like to also share about what I would call our blooper reel times.  There's always something going on with the volunteers and staff, today it happened to be a lot of banter and singing.  The singing was, well, entertaining... it brought a lot of laughter so I guess a success.  The volunteer "band" that we had today sings an interesting rendition of the popular song "Hungry Heart."  Stop by on a Thursday morning and donate a coat this winter and they'll gladly share it with you I'm sure!  They carried on with the singing out on the line where we hand out food which also brought great rounds of applause from the men we serve.  And by applause I mean primarily laughter.  I maybe should have mentioned before, they only sing about 3 lines of every song (10 seconds or so) and everything is to the tune of "Hungry Heart."  So, when they asked one man his favorite song and promised to sing it to him, he seemed a little shocked to hear his beloved "Billie Jean" sung to the tune of "Hungry Heart" for the first time.  Needless to say, the men preferred the coffee, pastries, and sandwiches to this singing and there were no requests for an encore performance.  My point is, yes we have fun and like to put a smile on people's face by the simple things that we can but it is truly the contributions of generous people like you that keep us going and truly serving the physical needs of the men and women we get to meet.  So, from behind the scenes, thank you! Bravo!        


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