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Real Talk

Posted Thu, Jan 31st, 2013 News

the line

Throughout the years we've had loads of volunteers coming in and we love them to death.  I'd really like to take a moment for some of what I like to call "real talk."  What keeps us running is not the limited number of volunteers we have and can facilitate (because we cannot take as many as we'd like) but your prayers and donations.  We're just like any family... it's always a joy to have more people around the house but you also need financial and spiritual stability to keep truly happy and healthy.  Because we are a non-profit organization, we look to generous people like you to be our "bread winners".  And oh how we greatly need the 'bread' both spiritually through prayers and financially through donations that you bring home to our family table.  So, "real talk," we need you, we appreciate you, and we pray for you as well.  You keep us going and each and every one of you is an integral part of our family.  THANK YOU!  


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