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Writer's Block

Posted Thu, May 2nd, 2013 By Seton Hall Volunteer News

St. John's Soup Kitchen

  Hello again everyone.  Today, I have some questions that I can't get out of my head so I'll subject you to them if you don't mind.  What is something I most identify with?  What would I feel lost or incomplete without?  Well, my first answer would be The Lord of course but that could make for a boring read for you.  What then, in regards to St. John's?  Again, The Lord.  This time with a little more focus by some divine stroke of luck.  What would I go searching for, what do I go searching for, when here every week?  The Lord.  More specifically, I search for the face of Christ in every person I encounter here.  It is so easy to find out on the line and in the kitchen.  These faces which, like refined gold, are so valuable to me and reflect to me the presence of Jesus, are among the few things I think I would even have the ability to look for and latch onto.  Now, we get to the part though where I am not too great with words so I will borrow some from a story someone shared with me... Mother Teresa was walking with two of her Sisters to see Pope John Paul II.  One of the Sisters and Mother Teresa had tickets to his speaking event; the other was just walking with them.  They came across a dying man on their way.  The ticketless Sister, somewhat hesitantly, offered to stay with the man but Mother Teresa could tell she would not prefer this.  So, she gave her ticket up to stay with this man dying on the street; dirty, desolate, starving, pathetic man.  When the Sisters made it home that night, they were elated and sharing with everyone else about their adventure. "We were so close Mother, we could see the Pope's face clearly."  Mother Teresa smiled and replied "that's wonderful... I saw the face of God clearly too, in His dying child."  I hope this story explains better what I cannot.  That sometimes our priorities are not quite in line with what they should be.  We need to self evaluate and ask for a heart like Mother Teresa that we might be able to see Christ Jesus in the face of those we serve, serve with, and just encounter on a daily basis.  God loved each of us and our neighbors into existance, if we can have but a spec of that love, we will be able to see this beauty and truly be satisfied.  What joy will be ours when we have open hearts to His showing us of these things!  I pray that all of you and myself may be open to God's inner workings in our lives this day and all that follow it, and that we are able to reap the benefits of doing so.         


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