What does Saint John's Soup Kitchen do?

Our soup kitchen serves an average of 500 meals each day to feed the hungry of Newark. Our volunteers cook and serve these meals to provide a little bit of comfort to those who come to us in need. We also offer medical and social services.

Who provides these services?

We are fortunate to have a small but very dedicated staff to oversee our operation. Peter, along with Richie, Luis and Tony keep the kitchen up and running. Sr. Jane and Mary take care of our Women and Children's Center. Our Medical Clinic is blessed to have Kathleen and Katie, both R.N.s, who are assisted by our faithful volunteer doctors, Dr. Russo and Dr. Bell. 

Who can eat at the soup kitchen?

Anyone who is hungry is welcome to share a meal at our table. We welcome struggling families, seniors on a fixed income, the working poor, veterans, people with disabilities, those who are homeless, and anyone who wants a good hot meal and some friendly conversation.

Is the soup kitchen in need of volunteers?

Yes. Please call Peter at (973) 623-0822 to learn more about volunteer opportunites or visit our contact page.

Are children allowed to volunteer?

While children are welcome to volunteer, this is an issue that is handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Peter at (973) 623-0822 for more information.

When can I bring a donation?

Our staff is on-site to help you from 7am - 2pm Tuesday through Saturday (except during special schedule weeks). However, please call before coming down. Any donations must be approved beforehand and someone must be available to receive them. Unfortunately, any donations left after hours must be thrown away.

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